A Word About Affiliate Links

Yes, I Use Them ... But I Don't Recommend Products I Don't Like

Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a way for bloggers to make money from their work. It costs the reader–the person clicking on the link–nothing … if the person clicking to another Web site decides to buy the product or service on that site, the blogger earns a commission from the merchant. [In fact in some cases I seek out deals that benefit the reader; using the link may result in a discount for you, for instance, or a free trial.]

I put affiliate codes into links when I can, even on products I’m not recommending. (After all, someone might click on links, even when I’m not recommending the particular product or service, and decide to buy … perhaps it’s right for them, despite my lack of recommendation.)

However, most importantly, I do not recommend products that I don’t like or believe are useful just to earn commission! That is a game many bloggers do play, but it’s not ethical or even, in the United States, legal. (Probably not in much of the rest of the world.)

So links in this blog (and across the PeterKentConsulting.com domain) may be affiliate links. Regardless of whether the link is an affiliate link or not, if I recommend something I’m doing so because I believe it may have value to my readers.



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